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Red Cross preparing for Hurricane Sally

The Red Cross of North Alabama is in Mobile setting up shelters and delivering relief items throughout southern Alabama.

MOBILE, Alabama — Folks from the Tennessee Valley are hunkered down in Mobile setting up shelters and delivering relief items throughout south Alabama ahead of Hurricane Sally.

Hurricanes are unpredictable. Even those predicted to be a category one or category two hurricane can be devastating. That's why the Red Cross of North Alabama already has boots on the ground in Mobile.

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Red Cross of North Alabama Executive Director Khris Anderson said, "Right now, we are opening what's called pre-evacuation shelters. We have one mandatory evacuation that's over in Mississippi, but we do have shelters open here in Mobile."

The Red Cross began moving people and supplies on Friday.

"Red Cross always plans for a category larger, so we always plan for a bigger storm," said Anderson. "We over prepare because we really have to. You know, it's too late once the storm hits to get the supplies and the people where they need to be."

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The pandemic is not stopping for Hurricane Sally.  Anyone who enters the shelters must be screened, wear a face mask, and practice social distancing.

COVID-19 has created other challenges for the Red Cross, from having fewer people to help out to spending more money on PPE and sanitation supplies.

"Unfortunately, we're not finished with our hurricane season," said Anderson. "I feel like just last week, we were talking about hurricanes coming through, you have Hurricane Laura, so we've really not finished our hurricane season, so if anyone would like to help, making a donation to the Red Cross is urgently needed."

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Click here to donate to the Red Cross. Under "I want to support," choose "Hurricanes Sally & Laura."

Huntsville Utilities and local churches are also on stand by waiting to help out if needed.

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