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'Recharge' online tool is launched to help teachers with 'overall wellness'

The online tool is equipped with videos and resources for educators.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — One Huntsville group says it's rolled out a new tool to "empower teachers with overall wellness and mental health resources". The new tool is called ‘Recharge’.

Keneisha Deas tells us how leaders hope this tool will help navigate educators during this ongoing pandemic.

“So 'Recharge' is an online resource that is full of a lot of resources that have been tailored and custom curated specifically for educators,” said Leadership Greater Huntsville Flagship Member L-35, Megan Nivens-Tannett.

Nivens-Tannett says this free, online resource is stocked with self-help videos and resources for Huntsville City Schools, Madison City School, and Madison County Schools educators. “Not only are they dealing with, you know some of the struggles that their students are having and they're now trying to figure out how to be counselors to an extent but they're also taking a lot of that home with them as well,” she said.

Nivens-Tannett said partnerships have helped make this happen. “We've been fortunate enough to partner with organizations such as the Solid Ground Counseling Center, and Wellstone Behavioral Health. And we created custom videos that were that are tailored just for educators around different topics such as things like the difference between stress and anxiety and how to cope with both; how to cope with grief.”

The website features hands-on apps for teachers as well. “We recognize them for the amazing things that they do every single day, but provide a place where they could be able to go and just have a place of solace and the guidance that is designed to help them with their specific needs,” said Nivens-Tannett.

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