Rebekah Duvall Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Mrs. Duvall has been a Special Education and Inclusion Teacher at Columbia Elementary School for two years.

There were a lot of cheers and a lot of hugs when Rebekah Duvall was announced as the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“I just want everybody to know before anything that I would take every one of them home if I could,” smiles Rebekah Duvall. “I love all of them.”

Mrs. Duvall has been a Special Education and Inclusion Teacher at Columbia Elementary School for two years. She puts a lot of hard work into teaching her kids, but before that, she always lets her kids know just how much she loves them.

“She loves to give hugs to me,” grins Madalynn Rushton, a third grade student. “It helps me calm down if I am stressed.”

Mrs. Duvall says it is a lot of trial and error and each student learns differently, but once something clicks, she says it is all worth it.

“That lightbulb moment where all of the tears, and frustration, and ripped papers, and encouragement, it all pays off, and it just clicks. They are happy, and I am happy, and we have little celebratory parties,” says Mrs. Duvall.

This positive attitiude is why her kids feel like they can confide in her and why they look up to her.

“She is so kind and she can help you with anything,” smiles A’mir Malone, a third grade student.

“She’s fun,helpful, exciting, funny, joyful,” says Madalynn Rushton.

A big part of what she does is instilling confidence in her kids. She says not all of her kids have families at home who encourage them, so that’s where Mrs. Duvall steps in.

“It’s important that they know that they are important,” explains Rebekah Duvall. “They have big goals ahead of them, but it is all up to them to be able to take those goals and run with it.”

Through the good days and the hard days Mrs. Duvall is there with her kids through every step.

“If you are mad or something, she will help you and she will ask what’s wrong and ask if you want to talk about it and she will help you feel better,” says A’mir Malone of Mrs. Duvall.

Her pure love for her students, her encouraging attitude, and her comforting words are why students at Columbia say:

“She is the best!” exclaims Madalynn Rushton.

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