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Ready for Trader Joe's? Well, the MidCity Amphitheater is next!

MidCity's Amphitheater is expected to open in May 2022.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — Trader Joe’s is just two days away from the big open at MidCity District. It’s the first of the grocery chain in Huntsville and the second of the grocery chain in the entire state.

“It's been a long time coming,” said MidCity District Marketing and Property Activation Director Lindsey Pattillo-Keane.

Pattillo-Keane said these options and amenities add to the growing city of Huntsville and Madison County. 

“A lot of people are moving here as we've known and we've seen on the news so providing those extra, extra comfort creature comforts," she said. "There's things that we love about the places that we've lived or the places that we visited now they're in our home and it's it feels really good. It's unbelievable. It's great to be part of.”

However, MidCity has more to add to the district.

Amphitheater really trying to amp up, no pun intended,” added Pattillo-Keane.

“The goal is for Huntsville to be the place where Huntsvilians can enjoy their, their time and not have to always escape to Nashville and Chattanooga and Birmingham and Atlanta to be entertained,” said Pattillo-Keane.

This new space is set to be complete by May of next year. 

Huntsville Amphitheater hard hat tour! 👷🏾‍♀️👷🏼👷🏽‍♂️Step inside the City of Huntsville’s 8,000-person amphitheater going vertical at @midcitydistrict. 2,000 guests standing in the lower bowl, 6,000 seated in the upper bowl, the scale is both grand and intimate. Opening May 2022. It’s a true sight to behold. 😍🎼🥰. Which band/ artist would you want to see at the amp?! @huntsvilleamphitheater

Posted by MidCity District on Friday, September 24, 2021

“So, the Huntsville venue group guys and gals they've been working tirelessly on this design in the city of Huntsville acousticians and musicians have been all involved in this to make sure it's not only good for patrons, but also for musicians, and that includes food that includes accommodations that obviously includes parking, all that," said Pattillo-Keane.

"The district it's all walkable, so what, no matter where you park, you can enjoy yourself, you can stop for dinner, you can stop for a drink afterward you don't have to escape this amphitheater you can enjoy,” she added.

Leaders say it’ll be an experience like no other.

“After seeing it in person and walking in it last week, I think it's, I think, 8,000 people seems like a crazy amount of people for a concert, but it's amazing how intimate that experiences when she walk in and how, how, in touch, you will feel with the musicians and their art and their artistry, so I can't wait,” said Pattillo-Keane.

Trader Joe’s will kick off their opening day with music from the Huntsville High School Marching band. Mayor Tommy Battle will also be in attendance.

The festivities will kick off at 8:55 a.m.