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Questions about the stay-at-home order? There's a hotline for that.

Ask questions about compliance and enforcement from one of five special response teams.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Have questions about Alabama's stay-at-home order? You're not alone.

Alabama attorney general Steve Marshall has set up a toll-free hotline with five special response teams dedicated to answering your questions about the State Health Order that mandates people stay-at-home unless they must leave for necessary activities for essential jobs.

Those with questions may call 1-800-232-8520 and select from five response teams depending on the nature of your inquiry.  The choices include: Law Enforcement Response Team, Local and County Officials Response Team, Consumer Response Team, Business Response Team, and General Constituent Response Team. 

Marshall's office says that none of the guidance is intended to constitute private legal advice, rather, it is offered to assist officials and the public with reaching a timely resolution to their issues, if possible.

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“Beginning today, the Alabama Attorney General’s Office has assembled response teams dedicated to answering questions of a legal nature from local law enforcement, city and county officials, business owners and management, employees and the general public about how to comply with the State Health Order concerning the coronavirus pandemic,” said Attorney General Marshall.

Marshall continued, “The State stay-at-home order, as well as additional local health orders, have raised questions about local enforcement and compliance. My office has established a dedicated toll-free phone line to take questions during business hours so that officials, businesses and the public have access to authoritative information.”

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If you have complain about price gouging and or fraud related to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can file a complaint using a special link on the Attorney General’s website.

The Attorney General’s website also contains recent COVID-19 related guidance to law enforcement and business. Click here.

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