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Ready for a drink? Don't forget your purple cup!

Now you can walk around MidCity with your adult beverage.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville's MidCity District shared online that they are now recognized as an arts and entertainment district by the city of Huntsville. 

This means that you can take an alcoholic beverage to-go and walk around MidCity with it. All you'll need is a purple cup. 

MidCity is the fourth community that has been labeled as an arts and entertainment district in Huntsville. Other arts and entertainment districts include the following:  Village of Providence, Quigley combined with Meridian, and S.R. Butler Green. 

RCP Companies Business Developer Nadia Niakossary says MidCity is thrilled to have the honor.  

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"As MidCity expands and we get more restaurants and bars, there will be more area for patrons to come and enjoy," Niakossary said. 

There are a few things to remember before you start walking around with your purple cup. There are boundaries at each arts and entertainment district that you cannot cross if you have an adult drink. 

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MidCity wants to remind us all to properly dispose of our cups after we're finished. 

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"We also want to make sure that people aren't just throwing purple cups and littering throughout the district," Niakossary explained. "We want to make sure they throw those away and even recycle them in the proper areas." 

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