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Protesters demand apology for Wednesday night's protest

People in Huntsville held a protest in response to the events that unfolded at Wednesday night's rally. They called for Mayor Battle to apologize.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Dozens of people came out to Huntsville City Hall Friday night for a peaceful protest.

The protest was held in response to the events that unfolded at Wednesday night's rally.

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On Friday, the protesters had signs that say "Apologize Mayor Battle" and "No gas, No rubber bullets." Councilwoman Frances Akridge was there. She took a knee and prayed with the group.

Joshua Tyler Roberts was shot with rubber bullets and arrested Wednesday night. He says things are still tense.

"I wanted to protect the protesters that was my only goal to keep things civil and peaceful. That was not Tommy Battle's goal, that was not Sheriff Kevin Turners goal, that was not Police Chief McMurray's goal. Their goal was to control us any way they could," said Roberts.

They also want officials to release the body cam footage regarding Dana Fletcher's encounter with the police. Dana Fletcher was shot and killed at the Planet Fitness in Madison.

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"It's not asking for a whole lot. A mother should know who shot her son," said Roberts. "The names of the officers have not been released either. None of this is okay. These are very simple demands we're seeking here."

Protesters also want the confederate statue outside of the Madison County Courthouse to be removed.

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