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Every college and university handles COVID-19 protocols differently

With college and university students going back to school, COVID-19 protocols are being put back in place. These protocols look different from school to school.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — COVID-19 has complicated a lot, including going back to school.

When it comes to college and university campuses, each school handles COVID-19 protocols differently. 

FOX54 spoke with the folks at Calhoun Community College and Alabama A&M University.

"Mask are strongly encouraged. There are some areas in our college that are required to wear masks because like in all of our health programs, they go to the hospital, they have to wear masks. So, therefore, they wear them in the labs here," said President of Calhoun Community College, Dr. Jimmy Hodges. 

Calhoun Community College also allows professors to have a say when it comes to masking up. 

"We allow the instructors, if they have some concerns, or if they're nervous about being exposed or whatever, we allow them the flexibility to require masks in their classrooms," said Hodges. 

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As for Alabama A&M University, masking policies are more strict. 

"Of course, we mask mandate in all indoor areas. We have given a little leeway in the outside spaces, but we definitely are mandating that they wear them inside," Alabama A&M University's Interim Director of Student Health and Counseling Services, Carlquista Slay, LPC-S,

Many people face COVID fatigue and having to mask back up can make this worse.

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"A lot of what we do is hands-on learning and you can't really do that in a COVID-type environment. So our lives are really almost back to normal," said Hodges. "We, again recognize that COVID has been bad and we are concerned about those that have experienced losses from that but in the real world, we're back to normal."

On the flip side, out of the pandemic, the term 'new normal' was born. 

AAMU is leaning more in the direction of living in the 'new normal.'

"In order to be able to have as normal of a college life and college career so that they continue to be active, continue to have all of the social activities, we are also embarking on football season, probably the best season of the year, right? If they want to be able to participate in those things, we have to take these preventative measures to ensure that we do not look at having to go virtual or even potentially another shutdown," said Slay. 

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