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Orion Amphitheater open for business

The new music venue is just another sign of Huntsville's growth.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It's time to groove to the beat because the weekend is here and so are the finishing touches on the Orion Amphitheater. It will be making a lasting impact here in Huntsville for years to come.

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"I'm a Huntsville native. For the longest time, when, when I was younger, I wanted to move away and never move back. Right? So now we're starting to add these types of event centers and other things, everything from you know, great lakes and things to do outside to a great concert avenue."

That was Jeff Gronberg, CEO and President of Decibel Research.

As the city of Huntsville grows, new additions, like the Orion Amphitheater, will further help companies here recruit talent from other parts of the country.... and even world.

Ryan Murphy, President and GM of Huntsville Venue Group, says, "Right now, this amphitheater is sitting right outside of the second largest research park in the nation, right.. we're celebrating our 60th year and as we try to recruit talent to come to work for our companies, we really need to provide them all types of 'live, work and play' type of environments."

Speaking of environments, that's one thing the amphitheater was mindful of *not* impacting. 

Murphy explains, "We walked into this patch of trees, you know that some of them predating when the actual law was here. So for us, it's like, why wouldn't you keep a lot of this, you know, natural forestry even as rough and tumble as it could be, you know, because it was on the outskirts of a parking lot for them all, but keeping that and kind of leaning into that whole vision. We just start greening the whole area knowing that this amphitheater was going to be part of a park, we said was the park is building and reforesting and putting a lot of more natural landscaping back in why don't we include ourselves in that."

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Click here for Orion Amphitheater information.

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