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Organizing My 2023: Where to Start?

It's the New Year and some are looking to start off by decluttering but have no idea where to begin. Here are some practical ways to help you get started.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — New Year Resolutions are in full effect, and for some people becoming more organized this year is at the top of their list.

Karen Wright Creator and Owner of Life Simplified, a professional organizing company in Huntsville, says on the road to becoming more organized in 2023, “You just want to start small. I mean, you just want to take baby steps. You don't want to look at a big space, then you're going to be overwhelmed. You're not going to know where to start.”

Wright recommends starting with something like a coat or linen closet. She explains, “Because those are small enough spaces where you can just pull everything out and get your items together and evaluate what you're using, what you're not using.”

Once you evaluate what you are or are not using and what you do and do not want, "...that's a great time, go and donate to those that are less fortunate they can enjoy those items rather than let them sit in your house and take up prime real estate."

For those organizing on a budget, Wright says, "You know, just again, taking one space at a time, starting small and just going through space by space.” 

Even drawer by drawer and cabinet by cabinet, and getting those light areas together, "...so you can truly see what you have. So, you're not spending money to bring anyone in to do that."

Wright says all in all, "Everything in your home really needs to have a home to live in, so to speak."

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