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Chardon man who took D.C. bus trip to attend President Trump's rally says 'knuckleheads' storming the Capitol ruined their peaceful protest

'There were people singing, praying, there wasn’t a bit of problem until the knuckleheads got to the Capitol steps.'

CHARDON, Ohio — Mario Innocenzi was among dozens of Northeast Ohioans who took a bus to Washington D.C. early Wednesday morning to attend the rally supporting President Donald Trump near the White House.

Our crew spoke with Innocenzi early Thursday morning when his group returned from their bus trip.

“We were hoping for a free and honest election, and we didn’t get it. So, we went to D.C. to protest and hopefully have a change,” Innocenzi told 3News’ Austin Love.

Biden's victory was certified by Congress early Thursday morning despite attempts to overturn the results amid false allegations of widespread voter fraud.

Innocenzi said that nobody in their group participated in the violence that ultimately erupted at the U.S. Capitol.

“I tell you, it was the most peaceful day you’d ever see in your life,” he said. “There were people singing, praying, there wasn’t a bit of problem until the knuckleheads got to the Capitol steps.”

Watch as Austin Love shares some behind-the-scenes information about this story in the player below:

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Innocenzi said the actions of those involved in the chaos do not reflect the reason the group of Northeast Ohioans were there.

"We went there to rally, to have a peaceful rally and that’s what we did. A handful of knuckleheads ruined it for everybody and gave it a black eye. You can’t take that away from us.”

He said it's time for the nation to come together as president-elect Joe Biden prepares to take office.

“Going forward, we know the election is over,” he said. “Biden will be inaugurated. Biden will be the president. Now what we’ve got to hope for is our country to come together as one. The Republicans have four years to regroup and come back at it again in four years, but right now our country has to heal.”a