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2020 may have been messy, but there are people working towards keeping Huntsville mess-free

The Northeast Huntsville Civic Association has teamed up with Operation Green Team to keep Huntsville looking clean.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A local small business owner and member of the Northeast Huntsville Civic Association is working to keep Huntsville's streets clean during the pandemic.

Northeast Huntsville Civic Association Secretary Courtney Brown said it's a good outlet to deal with the frustration caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

"I need to work this aggression off, you know so, I started cleaning up the neighborhood. And just down the road too, so I stayed in my neighborhood, in my block, so it worked out," Brown said.

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Just like cleaning your room may have a positive effect on your mental health, cleaning up the environment around you has a positive effect on the health of the community.

It's already been a messy year, and Brown said we don't need any more mess in our lives.

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"It looks depressed, like, it's depressing. And you don't want to add to the depression, especially in the winter season and so just, seeing nothing but nature and enjoying nature a little bit more, I think can help people's mental health as well," Brown said. 

Brown said it's not just about mental health, it's about respecting your community.

"It looks real trashy, I mean literally trashy, being around and surrounded by trash and it's disrespectful to our community and our neighborhood that we just toss trash out and it looks so much better and it makes me feel so much better when we put our trash in the right places," said Brown.

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