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New study shows more at-home drinking during pandemic

A new survey shows more Alabamians are reaching for alcohol at home during the pandemic. Local counselor says this habit could quickly become dangerous.


A new survey shows more Alabamians are reaching for alcohol during the pandemic, and the numbers might surprise you. 

DrugAbuse.com conducted a survey of 3,000 Americans and found that just over 24 percent -- nearly 1 in 4-- adults in Alabama admit they have been drinking more since "lockdown" began.


The survey also reports 28 percent of Americans drink more alcohol on a night at home during "lockdown" than they would if they went out during this time.

The increase could be because of the convenience factor of drinking at home, and the safety risks associated with going out to public spaces. But, one local counselor tells us that this at-home habit could quickly become dangerous.

We checked in with Monretta Vega, a Counselor with Huntsville Psychotherapy and Counseling Services: Vega tells our reporter, “ We want to make sure we have a routine and we still have that work/ life balance. Drinking can be fun sometimes. But, there can definitely be a fine line of going into the danger zone. So, be careful.” 

The number of people drinking out after the pandemic might change too--- 79% of Americans say even once bars are open, they might just prefer to stay in and socialize with friends from now on.

If you have noticed a concerning change in your drinking habits, or the habits of a loved one, seek help. You can find some local resources below: 

Here are resources from DrugAbuse.com for Alabama sources of help and Tennessee sources of help. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, help is available.

Crisis Services North Alabama (256)-716-1000 or dial 1-800-691-8426 for additional help. 

Alabama Help for Opioid Addiction -- Reach their 24/7 Helpline at (844)-307-1760 and visit courageforall.com

Narcotics Anonymous North Alabama

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