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The City of New Hope adds a new recreation center to the community

Just like the City of Huntsville is growing at a rapid rate, so are smaller, surrounding cities like the New Hope.

NEW HOPE, Ala. — Madison County District 3 Commissioner Craig Hill says that New Hope is growing by leaps and bounds.

Recently, that growth has come in the form of a new recreation center.

"For all of our citizens, from five to 105, we've offered a new facility. They can come, the seniors during the day and use it and at night our children, from our schools will come and use and we're really excited about that," said Hill.

Hill and the community of New Hope are especially excited to get the kids engaged.

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So, yes, with his county commissioner lenses on - this is a fantastic idea! But with the lenses of someone who has worked in education throughout their life on, this - is the best idea!

"We know that our recreation department here will only improve the quality of our high school teams and being in education on my life, I'm excited about that. We can add New Hope to that and Gurley, where we opened a new rec center last Tuesday and all the children can have a place to play and get better and improve. So, when their turn comes for a school team, they'll be ready to go," said Hill.

Although this recreation center opened today, there's already years of history surrounding this new building.

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"What's exciting I guess is, I played in this gym when I was eight years old and now we get to add to the old gym with a new gym and that's exciting to me. My children and grandchildren hopefully. will have the opportunity to play here," said Hill.

Luckily for Hill, that dream is already coming true and right where he grew up, in the small city of New Hope.

"My son slipped in this morning and he made the first basket in the new gym, he said, 'Daddy, I made the first shot,'" said Hill.