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Need temporary work? Local businesses are hiring.

Spherion, a staffing company, is helping people in Madison County find available temporary work.

As more places close, more and more people are left without jobs.

Fortunately, some businesses need more employees right now. Spherion, a staffing company, is helping people in Madison County find available temporary work.

Franchise Owner of Spherion, Michael Chalmers, said, "A lot of companies may be having to consider changing their operations from what they have done to create some social distancing, so now, there's opportunity for people to either work a day or night. Some who may not have opened and operated normally on the weekend are opening on the weekend. That way there are less people in their facility, so there's great opportunity."

Spherion currently has more than 150 positions that they are hiring for.

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Right now, delivery services like GrubSouth and Instacart are seeing more people use their services. Grocery stores are changing their hours to try and keep up, but they still need more help. Kroger is hiring both full and part time workers.

"Most of the jobs are in a distribution type of environment, whether that be a large distribution center, it's even smaller distribution centers," said Chalmers. "We have some smaller companies around here that work in medical supply or food delivery. We're working with them as well, and then you start to take into account your grocery chains and stuff like that that are needing restocking help."

If you're looking for temp work, Spherion is meeting with people by appointment only right now.

"We continue each and every day to talk to individuals who may have seen their job disappear because of this and try to see what we can do to help them and get them some opportunity," said Chalmers.

To help people who are job hunting continue their search, they're utilizing technology to conduct interviews, instead of meeting face to face.

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