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National ammo shortage hits The Rocket City

Popular ammunition brand Remington filed for bankruptcy in 2020, which has impacted sales for gun shops in Huntsville.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — General Manager of Bullet and Barrel Louis Southard says firearm sales have increased since this time last year, but there might not be enough ammo to go around.

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The shortage is mostly impacting hunting ammunition, and it could be because a major supplier, Remington filed for bankruptcy in 2020 during the pandemic. 

There's no solid answer for when the shortage will be over, but in the meantime, Southard is stressing the importance of gun safety. 

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"Well... like we always see in the firearm safety rules, always have your firearm stored safely when not in use, when they're stored safely, it's just a critical part of our basic safety rules that's important. That way hands don't get in it that don't need to be in it," Southard said.

If you're looking for ammo and you can't find it, now might be the time to stop by a gun range and brush up on your skills.

"So here at bullet and barrel, we are a premiere firearm facility and we teach people who know absolutely nothing, to being able to be safe, and to being able to protect themselves if need be with a fire arm." Southard said. 


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