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'We are so ready for Artemis' | NASA administrators tour Marshall Space Flight Center

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy tour Marshall Space Flight Center.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The launch into space in the coming years is backed by our scientists, engineers, and mathematicians right here in The Rocket City!

The Marshall Space Flight Center is a key part of the Artemis Missions, and on Tuesday, NASA administrators took a tour around the center.

“This one will be on the first flight - and our first landing of the first woman and the next man on the moon,” said NASA Administrator Bill Nelson.

Nelson and Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy got a look at the center’s advanced manufacturing, in-space transportation, habitats, and life support systems.

“I saw that kind of manufacturing that’s going to take place on orbit, so we don’t have to haul the completed items off the face of the Earth,” added Nelson.

“We are so ready for Artemis. I mean, that actually was never any question. I’m thinking Mars, I’m thinking twenty years from now, and all the things we have to prove out on the moon,” said Melroy.

While the Marshall Space Flight Center is an integral part of the Artemis missions,  leaders also realize there’s a need for infrastructure improvements. The Marshall Space Flight Center’s administrative headquarters building.

“That building needs to be replaced,” added Nelson. Nelson said the current Build Back Better Bill includes funds allocated to infrastructure which could help buildings like these at the research center.

As for the constant delays in these Artemis missions - NASA leaders say safety is a priority.

“We’re doing the hard things. We’re doing the really hard stuff. No one but NASA is willing to take on,” said Melroy.  

“NASA should take its time, make sure it’s safe, and in the case of human beings in the loop that is especially true,” added Nelson.

Artemis I, which will be without crew members, is expected to take off sometime next February. The main mission for that one is a flight test.