Nancy Hartfield Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Mrs. Hartfield is known at James Clemens for always having her door open.

There was a lot of applause as AP Calculus teacher Nancy Hartfield was announced to be the Valley’s Top Teacher.

“I was shocked, I was completley surprised, excited, thankful, and appreciative,” smiles Nancy Hartfield, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Nancy Hartfield started her career as an an analyst for the U.S. Navy, but then found her love for teaching, which she has been doing for 22 years. She even left for a while to work as a math specialist, but says she always felt called to go back to the classroom, which is where she loves to be.

“I really liked being around my kids, and I missed them a lot,” says Mrs. Hartfield. “I missed the environment here in the high school, so I decided to come back.”

Mrs. Hartfield is known at James Clemens for always having her door open. She is there before school, at lunch, and after school to give kids some extra help.

“If you are struggling in the class, she will realize it and she will talk to you individually and make sure that she can help you,” shares Sophia Fox, a junior in the calculus class.

Not only does Mrs. Hartfield show extra care for her students in the classroom, she also tries to support them outside of calculus.

“When you go to your student on Monday morning and say, I saw that play you made in the game, it makes them understand that you see them for more than what is just in the classroom,” explains Mrs. Hartfield.

Her students recognize that she genuinely cares for each of them.

“She also does dance line for our school, so I think that also helps her understand the stresses of not only being an academic student, but like being in the community and doing extracurriculurs,” says Melisa Shaffer, a senior at James Clemens.

Mrs. Hartfield hopes her students leave her class with an understanding of calculus, but even more than that, she wants them to have confidence in themselves and what they are capabale of.

“Maybe they thought, I am not really able to do this material, but when they try, they can,” says Nancy Hartfield about what she wants her students to take away from her class. “I hope that they get that, as well.”

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