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Signs of positivity sprinkle popular Atlanta trail

One local woman is using extra paint and time at home to offer some extra inspiration

ATLANTA — The next time you're on the Proctor Creek Greenway, take a pause. 

You might encounter a surprise. Or perhaps encounter a message your soul needed to hear. 

Since the start of COVID-19, the outdoors has become an escape for many looking to reboot from a day of remote working and virtual learning. As a result, Anastasia Fussell saw the refuge of a Westside trail as a way to boost others with signs of positivity.

"I always thought it'd be fun to do some public art," Fussell, who has an art background, told 11Alive. "Now with COVID and everything happening, it seemed really good time to have some positive message to cheer people up as they're going through things."

Fussell and friends tapped into extra time at home to create inspirational messages ranging from quotes to the simple reminder of 'follow your heart', tucking the creations into trees and along the trail path. 

"I think a lot of people are reconnecting to nature these days," she said. "It was a good place to reach them."

While some of the art may have disappeared since the start of the project, the artist doesn't mind.

"Sometimes in a week or two they're gone," Fussell said, "But I'm glad people are taking them because I'm hoping they're taking them home and bringing joy there as well."