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Morgan County residents battle flooding after storms

Alan says, “It was already up to my knee like getting off of the steps right now… You can see with all the wood, because that was a part of our porch…"

MORGAN COUNTY, Ala. — When severe weather expires, you'd like to think you'd be able to breathe a sigh of relief. But, for some people right here in the Valley, their troubles are just getting started as flood waters continue to rise. 

Our Sydney Stallworth spent the day in Morgan County and spoke to some neighbors who can’t even leave their front doors without getting wet. 

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We spoke with Dewaul Edward Maxwell, a Morgan County Resident. He tells us, “This is ‘light’ compared to what it usually does.” 

He says he’s no stranger to flooding. 

This is his workshop, submerged in water after Wednesday night’s storms. He says he learned his lesson from the last storm and moved everything higher in storage to protect his things inside. Maxwell says, “It ruined everything because it got deep. I had a few guitars it ruined last time. If a person is going to live in a place down here like this, they need to do like they do in Lacey Spring. Build your stuff on stilts.”

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Dewaul Maxwell lives off of Cutoco Florette Road, Hwy 35 in Morgan County. He and his friends have to wade through water to get to the road. The flooding was enough to make our crew pull over to check in on them. But, he says he’s seen worse. He tells our reporter, “Usually the water around here gets a lot deeper than this. The last time it happened, we got in a flat bottom boat and we had to go all the way to 36 highway through the woods there and meet somebody to take us to the local store. And it sticks around for a couple of days.

The flood waters ‘sticking around’ is just what Alan Lansdell and his family are worried about. They showed us their front lawn, which is completely underwater. 

Alan says, “It was already up to my knee like getting off of the steps right now… You can see with all the wood, because that was a part of our porch… Once it came up, it just picked it up and moved it."

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 As the rain continues, their worries rise. 

He adds, “For now it’s safe but if it slowly starts creeping then going to start getting into the house.” 

I asked if either of these neighbors decided to seek shelter during the storm. 

Dewaul Edward Maxwell, “No ma’am. We just waited it out.” 

Alan Lansdell says, “Sometimes we ride it out. The first time we did. But, this time, I don’t know if we can because it’s slowly creeping up to the floor. 

Alan’s family tells our reporter they are considering staying with loved ones if the water rises any further. 

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