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Monrovia residents complain local drive-thru line blocks traffic

Madison County Sheriff's Office is responding to complaints of drive-thru traffic extending into the road and blocking vehicles.

MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA, Ala. — Long drive-thru lines are never fun, especially when they extend out into a roadway blocking traffic. 

This hazard is happening among fast food restaurants in Madison County and law enforcement say it's illegal.

Brent Patterson, the Public Information Officer, with Madison County Sheriff's Office says, "when you've got vehicles lined up, Jeff road, and people are trying to get home or trying to get to their destinations and they can't because people are lined up through the drive-thru into the street, you can't do it"

He shares that over the last month, they've received traffic complaints from residents about the drive-thru at LawLers Barbecue on Jeff road.

And he adds it's against the law and is dangerous to block the roadway and it could result in a citation, "you can receive a traffic citation and/or you could be sued civilly as far as with your insurance company and liability for being hurt."

A sign has been put up within the last few days and Patterson says they're responding to the complaints, "traffic enforcement officers will be in that area making sure that everybody adheres to the Alabama State driving laws."

But he says it's not just this business that's having this issue, it's happening in a number of different locations and it's because of the drivers who choose to stay in line.

"This particular situation is not the restaurant's fault. It's not their fault. It's the individuals who are stopped on the highway," Patterson said.

He encourages drivers to park their cars in the parking lot and get their food inside during a restaurant's busy time and says if you see a problem like this one, reach out to your local jurisdiction and they'll look into it.

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