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Madison County leaders expect more positive COVID-19 cases

More people in Madison County are being tested for COVID-19, and more cases are being confirmed.

As more people in Madison County are tested for COVID-19, more cases are confirmed. Health officials say most people who test positive are in self-quarantine at home.

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Crestwood Medical Center CEO, Dr. Pam Hudson, said, "Yesterday, over 600 tests were collected in our community, so it is expected that the numbers for Madison County will go up."

The Madison City employee who tested positive for the coronavirus is recovering. Madison Mayor Paul Finley says around a dozen employees in the engineering department are now working from home. Despite the case, the city is still open.

As the quarantine continues, Madison County leaders are encouraging people to stick it out.

"We're doing the right things by social distancing, by sanitizing, by washing our hands, and we ask you guys to please continue to do that but to also have patience," said Mayor Finley.

"This last 7 to 10 days of pushing on, this is going to be critical to really have impact on the public health of our community," said Dr. Hudson.

The Red Cross says they're still helping people at this time. They say there's a big need for blood donations.

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Khris Anderson with the American Red Cross said, "Never before in my lifetime ever have we had such an urgent need for blood. Blood is a product that cannot be made in a lab. You can't put it in a can and save it for when you need it. Blood is an ongoing need."

The Red Cross is asking for healthy people to make an appointment to donate blood. To make an appointment, click here.

To watch the full March 24th media briefing, click here.

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