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'Purple Star' Madison City Schools student hopes military families 'find their place'

All 11 schools within Madison City Schools are designated 'Purple Star' schools.

MADISON, Ala. — Madison City Schools just received a top honor. The school district is now designated as a ‘Purple Star School.'

The program was developed to support military families. 

FOX54's Keneisha Deas has more about the program and its impact on families relocating to the Tennessee Valley. 

A program that initially started in September of 2020, is now a reality for Madison City Schools thanks to the passage of 'The Purple Star Act' by Alabama legislators. 

All eleven schools within the district are 'Purple Star' schools. James Clemens High School Senior, Callie Scroggins, is attending one of them.

“I have been a part of military-connected students helping them transition into our schools for six years now. And so this is the end of a long road for me,” said Scroggins.

Here’s Scroggins’ hope for incoming students. “I hope for the new students coming in that they find their place here in Madison city, and I know that they will with the help of our students and our staff and our administration was so committed to making this their home.”

Superintendent Dr. Ed Nichols says programs are in place ahead of the arrival of military families.

“Well, I think first of all, how you communicate the things you place on your social media on your websites, how you transition families in when they're coming, that's part of it as well. So it's not just the activities you do, although those are vital to get kids connected, but letting parents know how to get enrolled how to get connected in the school,” said Nichols.

Nichols also realizes the growth in North Alabama and says finding a military supportive community isn’t the challenge.

“As we grow and take more military kids, Huntsville is going to grow and take more military kids, Madison County. Your biggest challenge is finding that house but once you find it, the transition and what you received for your educational services are going to be at the top of the winds,” said Nichols.

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