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The local music scene is growing in Huntsville: "Invisible Fest" returns

"Invisible Fest" is an event put on by WLRH 89.3's "Invisible City" radio show host, bringing local artists from different genres together.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — As the music scene grows in the city, another local music festival rocked Huntsville at Fractal Brewing Project. It's known as "Invisible Fest" featuring many local artists. 

The festival's creator, Brad Posey, and local artist, Matthew Wilson share what it's all about.

"When I was a kid, there was sort of this weird mythology that like a DJ was kind of like a shaman or a wizard or something. To me, anyway, it seemed like something really magical and awesome, and I thought I would really like to be a DJ," Posey said.

Posey fulfilled his childhood goal 12 years ago as he is the host of "Invisible City" on WLRH 89.3 FM radio.

His show consists of all different genres that can move from hip hop to jazz. This sparked an idea for "Invisible Fest" which is put on every few years where local artists from all genres come together to perform.

"I want people to understand that there is an amazing amount of talent. There's blues bands and hip hop bands and metal bands and punk bands and there's so much here to offer. It's kind of like a buffet. You can taste all these different, wonderful things," Posey said.

Matthew Wilson, also known as "Hew Tyler" would describe his genre as "Folk-Rock" and "Americana." 

He hopes those getting into local music hear things they've never heard before.

"I hope that it brings them some kind of relaxation and peace for their evening…we're living in some pretty uncertain and troubling times, and I just hope that the music can help them heal or can help them get to a different place," Wilson said.

The local music scene continues to grow in Huntsville with new residents, new theaters, and a passion to connect.

Wilson said this community is very supportive and inviting, "don't be afraid to just kind of rather than stick your toe in….Just dive in and we'll all be there to get you." 

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