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Local, live music is growing here. This was discussed at the Quarterly Music Meetup.

Rocket City has become quite the place to perform live music, creating a vibrant music scene here. Local, live performers don't want this growth to push them out.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — "I think everyone deserves to be exposed to something different, you know, and who knows who the next big artist can be that comes from any city. I think it's fair to give everyone a chance when they're prepared and they have something good and they're hard-working, you know, because I don't know some people even in this room, they could have gems. We're all here to share our creativity," said Nigel King-Law, Treetop & The Gifted band member.

The Rocket City has become quite the place to perform live music, creating a vibrant music scene here.

"Huntsville is a good town, it's thriving, number one city in the country to live right? So yeah, hopefully, it'll expand for local band music," said Randy Razook, The Zooks manager and guitarist. 

"Huntsville is a college town, so a lot of people come from all over to come here. So every time I meet someone who knows who's actually from here, you know what I mean? So this city already has a lot of diversity in it, and it's building a lot of the music scene here just are really popping off. I'm really excited for it, to be honest," said King-Law.

Not only are the artist who perform here thriving, in turn, the local economy benefits from those live performances.

"I think economically, it just broadens the horizons of what all we have. When you look at it, if you have a thriving music industry, you need the people, the sound techs, the light techs, you need the business people, you need the performers. So you put them all together and it just broadens the horizon of what we can do economically," said Tommy Battle, City of Huntsville's Mayor.

But when it comes to growing, folks don't want to see the music scene here grow too quickly: "Hopefully, they won't forget the local bands because we know the Orion Amphitheater is here, all of these big venues are coming in and they're getting all these big artists in town. Now, hopefully, they'll remember that there are a lot of local musicians, too, that would love to get out and play," said Razook.

That's why Huntsville will be a part of something both community and music related later this year, called Make Music Day!

"So, we're going to be participating in Make Music Day, which is an international celebration of community, music and gathering that is basically a music festival where everybody's invited to participate on and off the stage and a lot of stages around the city," said Matt Mandrella, City of Huntsville's music officer.

As more information comes out about Huntsville's involvement in Make Music Day, be sure to click here for more background information on the day and stay tuned into FOX54 as we will share the details as soon as we know more.

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