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Local group to assist recovery crews in Tennessee

Huntsville-based Gulf Coast Disaster Relief is collecting items to distribute in Tennessee as recovery efforts continue

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville-based group, Gulf Coast Disaster Relief, is preparing to head to Tennessee Friday to assist as recovery efforts continue following deadly tornadoes that ripped through the state early Tuesday morning.

The group is right now collecting personal hygiene items to distribute to people in need in Cookeville, TN. They will arrive Friday night and work through Sunday.

Gulf Coast Disaster Relief's Executive Director Tammy Larson says they welcome folks here in the valley to help as they collect items for their mission this weekend.

"From what we understand right now, on the ground, there aren't currently a lot of residents in this area because of the devastation the storms left, so we look to be feeding more volunteers and workers that are there trying to respond to the aftermath," said Larson. "We're they're during the day to offer a warm meal. The highs this weekend are in the 40's so it's going to be quite chilly."

It's a small act of kindness to show appreciation for crews and volunteers working hard there. Larson says it is a way to say thank you.

"We've been told the roads are still impassable in many of the places, so volunteers are currently having to be bused into that area," she said.

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In all, Gulf Coast Disaster Relief plans to serve 1200 meals this weekend. Their partner group is Disaster Assistance, a disaster relief leg of the Church of Christ, who is now feeding folks in Tennessee and providing assistance.

Gulf Coast Disaster Relief is collecting personal hygiene items to distribute to folks over the weekend in Tennessee. They are also now gathering items to distribute to children there. They invite folks to donate puzzles, crayons, and coloring books. 

Larson says the items for children are "things we can pass out to help their lives feel a bit more normal."

Also, if you are interested in physically volunteering with Gulf Coast Disaster Relief in Cookeville this weekend, just let them know. You can reach out to them via their Facebook page or via email at gcdisasterrelief@gmail.com. You can also reach out to them there to help them with personal hygiene items. 

You also have the option of helping out right from the comfort of your home. They say folks can shop online from Walmart or Aldi and schedule a pickup or delivery for Gulf Coast Disaster Relief to collect.

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