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Huntsville is home to many things, and now a growing art community as well!

Huntsville residents open their homes filled with local art in order to inspire others to do the same: support local artists here in The Valley!

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Huntsville may be known as The Rocket City but there is something to be said about the art here.

"Innovation really is sparked by the arts. The arts affect our quality of life within Huntsville and definitely impact economic development. So, the growth of the arts is a win for everyone," said Development and Media Relations Manager with Arts Huntsville, Danielle Hart. 

Okay, so art positively impacts the community but how can the community do the same for local artists?

Well, it's simple, buy their art!

"They are pouring out a part of their hearts, so to pour back into the artists within the community is an amazing thing and many of these homes do have art from local artists," said Hart.

Like the White family for instance...

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"Well, Jeff [Joanna's husband] is an artist and we've supported artists as long as we've known each other," said Huntsville Homeowner, Joanna White.

And although in some cases, buying art can mean paying a pretty penny, these local art enthusiasts assure you that, "no matter what budget you have, you can always have great art," said Hart. 

"We just want to show that collecting art is easy and affordable and a great way to support your local community," said White. 

"These are the guys you're going to see on a regular basis. These are the guys who come into your restaurants, who eat dinner with you. They may have babysat your kids. You know, they're the guys who- the people you run into the grocery store. These are the people that make our community worth living," said Huntsville Artist and Homeowner, Jeff White.

So not only does local art bring financial gain and quality of life to the people here in The Valley, but it also brings joy to the people here in The Valley.

"My mother is the best artist I know and I thought it would be so much fun to have in my home and show off my mother," said Huntsville Homeowner, Tricia Murray.

"You know, I know why she's bragging on me because my artwork to her is free! But really it's just fun. It really is fun and we both love lots of color. My daughter- other daughter does too and it just makes you happy," said Huntsville Artist, Susan 'Kitty' Bryant.

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