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Let NASA bring you the universe

While you're staying home, take a trip to the stars, talk to astronauts, and do experiments like a NASA scientist.
Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto
Space Shuttle In The Rays Of Sun. 3D Illustration. NASA Images Not Used.

NASA has a website that lets you get to know the universe a little bit more.

If you wonder what the Hubble looks like, or want to wander around the International Space Station, they have virtual tours and augmented reality.

Maybe you want to read about earth sciences and space exploration history, they have e-books for that.

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Or how about some activities for the entire family? NASA has stuff for kids and families.

You can also help contribute to ongoing research by learning how to be a scientist in your own home.

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There is a playlist of videos that you can watch that talk about lunar landings, future plans, and even how you could become an astronaut.

They also offer podcasts in technology, human spaceflight, and NASA science.