Lauren Lackey Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Mrs. Lackey makes sure every single child leaves her classroom feeling loved and encouraged.

Storytime is an exciting part of the day in Lauren Lackey’s Pre-K class at Woodville School.

“She reads books for us,” smiles Lola, a Pre-K student.

“She is nice and reads me books,” says Peyton, a fellow Pre-K student.

Storytime is just one of the many ways that Mrs. Lackey helps her kids grow. Most of her little ones have never set foot in a school, so she gets to teach them from the ground up.

“I live for theose lightbulb moments, and in Pre-K we have tons because we watch them grow from August to May, and they grow by leaps and bounds,” shares Lauren Lackey, the Valley’s Top Teacher.

Parents say they feel comfortable leaving their kids with Mrs. Lackey because she communicates with them and earns the trust of parents.

“I love them like you love them, when they are here they are safe with me,” explains Mrs. Lackey. “If something were to happen I would throw my body on top of them, and they know that.”

Mrs. Lackey believes that her kids should learn through play. Her students say she helps them with all sorts of things.

“She helps us cut paper,” says Peyton.

“She puts out our cots for us,” says Lola. “She is sweet.”

Mrs. Lackey says whether they want to be Spiderman, the garbage man, or the President, she is constantly tell them that they can succeed.

“I want them to feel special, like they are one of a kind and unique,” says Lauren Lackey. “That is what we talk about. You are unique, you are loved, I love you.”

Since Woodville is a Pre-K through 12th grade school, she gets to see her students in the hallways all the way up through their graduation. Her first class of preschoolers she ever taught are now in the ninth grade.

“A lot of times teachers will send emails saying so and so did this, and I am like that is mine! That is one of my babies! It is fun to be able to watch them succeed,” exclaims Mrs. Lackey.

At the end of the day, Mrs. Lackey makes sure every single child leaves her classroom feeling loved and encouraged. She gives them each a hug and tells them that she loves them.

“I want them to know I love them. If they don’t hear it anywhere else, they are going to hear it from me,” says Mrs. Lackey.

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