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Last day to register to vote in Alabama July 14 runoff

The cutoff to register to vote is 15 days before the election.

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — Today, June 29, is the last day to register to vote in the Alabama run-off election on July 14.

The deadline to register, set by state law, is 15 days before the election. Secretary of State.

Secretary of State John Merrill's office said, "Eligible Alabamians have until the close of business today to return their registration applications to their local board of registrars office. Alabamians can also register to vote online at AlabamaVotes.gov or through the mobile app “Vote for Alabama.”"

Voters have until July 9 to request an absentee ballot. 

In March, Secretary Merill outlined the requirements for absentee voting. He said, "“Amid coronavirus concerns, it is important to remember that Alabamians who are concerned about contracting or spreading an illness have the opportunity to avoid the polls on Election Day by casting an absentee ballot. Alabamians can access the application online or by visiting or calling their local Absentee Election Manager’s office.” 

According to the AlabamaVotes.gov website, Any qualified voter who determines it is impossible or unreasonable to vote at their polling place shall be eligible to check the box on the absentee ballot application that is most applicable to that individual. State law allows the Secretary of State to issue absentee voting guidance during declared states of emergency, allowing Secretary Merrill to encourage voters to check the box which reads as follows (in the case none of the boxes are appropriate):

“I have a physical illness or infirmity which prevents my attendance at the polls. [ID REQUIRED]”

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Crossover voting is not allowed in the July 14 runoff. You can only vote in the party run-off for the party you voted as in the primary. Voters who do not vote in a primary and only vote in a runoff may choose which party's ballot they want.

From AlabamaVotes.gov: an elector votes in a primary election, he or she may vote in a subsequent primary runoff election only if he or she voted in the primary election of the same political party for which the runoff election is being held. For those persons who did not vote in a Primary Election, they may choose either party’s ballot in a Primary Run-Off Election. 

This means that if you voted in the Democratic primary election, you cannot vote in the Republican run-off election.

This cross-over rule resets with each election cycle and only applies to Primary and Primary Run-Off Elections. It does not apply to a General Election.

WZDX News spoke with Marshall County Probate Judge, Andrea Lecroy, who suggests people who are within the high risk groups of being infected by the Coronavirus to vote absentee.

She highly encourages people who do arrive at the polls to wear masks. If voters do not have one, poll workers will be supplying them. "We really want our voters to wear their masks, You're just in for a few minutes," says Lecroy. She says there will also be social distancing markers from the point of entry to the registration table.

Lecroy says poll workers will have masks, face shields and gloves. "We want the poll workers to feel comfortable, because they will be there all day, but we also want voters to feel comfortable." 

Poll workers will also spray down and wiping down between voters. 

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