Keziah Morrow Wins Valley’s Top Teacher

Ms. Morrow is known for always having a smile on her face and creating a positive place for kids to learn.

Keziah Morrow is in her second year teaching Ardmore High School, but these hallways are familiar to her. She was a student at Ardmore High and is now giving back to the community that helped raise her.

“I love it because it’s just a community and town feeling,” smiles Keziah Morrow, the Valley’s Top Teacher. “Everyone here was so supportive, whenever I got here, whenever I got hired on. They were just so supportive, I could not have asked for more help and just the best people around me.”

Ms. Morrow is known for always having a smile on her face and creating a positive place for kids to learn.

“It is important just to enjoy your day and show that you enjoy what you are doing,” shares Ms. Morrow. “It affects them in the best way possible.”

“She has a lot of energy, she is very energetic,” laughs 11th grade student Natalle Emerson. “She is very entertaining too, so she keeps all of our attention.”

Ms. Morrow says when she was in school, she used to be afraid to ask questions. Now she checks in with every student to make sure they are understanding the material.

“She kind of like adapts to what you need,” explains Dalton Richardson, an 11th grade student. “So my needs may not be what the person beside me needs, and she’ll kind of relate things to me if I am struggling with something, our vice versa. She will help someone else and she’ll connect it to them, and not just teach a broad area.”

One of her biggest messages to her students is that they need to stay motivated and keep learning throughout their lives. She is teaching them this by example.

“I’m still pushing myself, I am getting my Master’s currently. I’m also the Yearbook Editor, Cheerleading Coach, and I am teaching AP for the first time,” lits off Ms. Morrow. “And it’s our first AP course here, so it’s a lot of different things and I try to encourage them not by showing off all these different things that I do, but I can keep going and you guys can too.”

Her students describe her as genuine and kindhearted. They say they can tell that she is truly invested in each of them.

“I know that she wants me to do well, and by the way she teaches it’s obvious that she genuinely cares about our success,” says Dalton Richardson.

Ms. Morrow says she is preparing them for not only senior year, but for the rest of their lives

“I think I just want them to be ready for whatever life brings them, no matter what that is,” says Ms. Morrow. “But just to be ready when they step out of these doors, just to take on whatever life throws at them.”

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