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July 9: In Case You Missed It

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Here are some stories you might have missed.

Many items in your home could be considered hazardous household waste, and that's fine - but what's important is disposing of them properly.

For starters, what is hazardous household waste? 

Well, the EPA defines it as leftover household products that can catch fire, react, or explode under certain circumstances or items that are corrosive or toxic.

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Huntsville's MidCity District shared online that they are now recognized as an arts and entertainment district by the city of Huntsville. 

This means that you can take an alcoholic beverage to-go and walk around MidCity with it. All you'll need is a purple cup. 

MidCity is the fourth community that has been labeled as an arts and entertainment district in Huntsville. Other arts and entertainment districts include the following:  Village of Providence, Quigley combined with Meridian, and S.R. Butler Green. 

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MidCity is changing right before our eyes. Not too long ago the site was a regional mall and now developers plan to add apartments, restaurants, and other attractions. 

The most noticeable addition is a Trader Joe's grocery store that will be opening later this year. 

A business developer for RCP properties, Nadia Niakossary, explains, "Huntsville having a Trader Joe's just gets us to that next level of a secondary market and brings that sort of retailer that people are looking for in a place that they want to move to." 

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