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Join Huntsville's "Face Cover Challenge"

Mayor Tommy Battle is challenging residents to show that they're part of the community solution to stop COVID-19.
Credit: City of Huntsville
Mayor Tommy Battle shows of his mask during the Face Cover Challenge. #ShowYourCoverHSV

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — In phase one of Alabama’s re-opening plan, Mayor Tommy Battle is reminding everyone it’s more important than ever to cover up when you head out.

“The COVID-19 virus hasn’t left town,” said Mayor Battle. “Wearing a mask or face covering provides another barrier of protection for you, your family, friends and strangers. It’s really an act of love and respect for others.”

The Mayor is issuing a Face Cover Challenge for residents to help Huntsville stay on its successful track in beating back the spread of the virus, especially among the most vulnerable population.

Rule of thumb – any time you find yourself in a situation where you can’t maintain 6-feet of distance, you should be wearing a mask. Public indoor spaces are particularly vulnerable and that includes grocery stores, retail and the office elevator.

WATCH: Mayor Tommy Battle takes the #ShowYourCoverHSV challenge

A face cover – or mask – doesn’t need to be complicated. If a commercial version isn’t readily available, City Blog offers some helpful tips on creating a do-it-yourself version HERE.

Be creative! A face-cover can show your personality and become your newest fashion accessory. Post a video or a photo wearing your face cover on social to show others you are part of the community’s solution to COVID-19. Use the hashtags #ShowYourCoverHsv.

To further support the need to wear face coverings, the City of Huntsville, Madison County, and City of Madison recently purchased 250,000 masks for their employees and agencies. Huntsville received 125,000 of the masks and is giving them to city services and agencies including bus drivers and passengers, the Senior Center, City employees, residents living in Huntsville Housing Authority properties, and Huntsville City Schools.

“We’ve done a great job so far of reducing the spread of the virus and we want to keep it that way,” said Mayor Battle. “Everyone wants to get back to our routines and if wearing a mask, washing our hands and keeping 6 feet apart is what we need to do to get there, then I think that’s a reasonable expectation.”

You can see more of Mayor Battle comments on the city's COVID-19 fight here.

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