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How Joe Davis Stadium will be used after a major makeover

Joe Davis Stadium used to be home to the minor league baseball team, the Huntsville Stars. Now, Joe Davis Stadium will hold a lot more than just baseball games.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — You may remember the Huntsville Stars, a minor league baseball team that played here in Huntsville from 1985 to 2014... and although the Stars don't play here anymore; Joe Davis Stadium, where they did play, still stands here in Huntsville!

Sitting on the west of the Parkway, between Drake Avenue and Airport Road, Joe Davis Stadium is receiving a LOT of renovation.

"Instead of it being demolished, we're giving it a new life," said City of Huntsville District 4 Council Member, Bill Kling. 

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The Stadium will be transformed into something the City has needed for a while and potentially into something that would further help put Huntsville on the map, a minor league soccer team.

"It's gonna be used as a second high school football stadium which is very much needed and also it's being built in a way where it potentially could become a professional minor league soccer team here in the City of Huntsville," said Kling.

Beyond sports, areas surrounding the stadium will also experience growth.

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"The frontage along the Parkway would be used for shops, restaurants and possibly a type of hotel or motel in that area," said Kling. 

With construction slated for completion in the Fall of 2022, the City expects high school football will be the first event at the renovated venue and as for future plans of bringing a minor league soccer team here:

"Well, I think many people can remember the Huntsville Stars when they were playing at Joe Davis Stadium. That was the home of three consecutive American League Rookies of the year and I think that type of excitement that we had, the Parkway was always buzzing in that area and I could just see that coming back from major soccer matches because huntsville is very much a soccer loving community," said Kling.

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