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Huntsville Police addresses force against protesters in 'after-action' report

Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray will provide an official "after-action" report detailing police response after a nonviolent protest ended with tear gas...
Credit: Viewer Submission
An image taken from a video shared with us by an individual who attended the June 3 protest. The video has been shared a number of times on social media.


Huntsville City Council and the Huntsville Police Department are meeting to talk about exactly what happened when tear gas and, according to protesters, rubber bullets were used against demonstrators earlier this month.

The Huntsville City Council Special Session will begin at 5:00 pm at the Huntsville City Council Chamber, Thursday. Protesters are planning to meet outside the building to air their grievances at 5 pm.  


The meeting can be viewed via live-stream here on the City of Huntsville website.  

You can also view the meeting on the City of Huntsville Facebook page

Huntsville Police Chief Mark McMurray, is giving an "after-action review" at the request of Mayor Tommy Battle.

This, after images of the use of force were shared a number of times on social media. 

Councilman Bill Kling says he plans to introduce a proposal at tonight’s meeting to have the Huntsville Police Citizens Advisory Council conduct an independent investigation to find out exactly what happened.

We spoke to Councilman Bill Kling of District 4 to talk about the need for transparency in this instance. Kling says, "There needs to be much better communication between the police force and the general public. What was done-- why it was done... And if a mistake was made, just say a mistake was made." 

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