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Huntsville Hospital partners with U.S. Space and Rocket Center for second-dose COVID-19 vaccine clinic on August 24

Huntsville Hospital & USSRC aims is to also provide 'education' to people unsure about the vaccine.
Credit: TEGNA
U.S. Space and Rocket Center gave out stickers to people who got vaccinated.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — UPDATE: The U.S. Space & Rocket Center is holding a second vaccine clinic on August 26 to give participants the second of the two-part Pfizer COVID vaccine. People will also be able to receive their initial dose of the vaccine if they have not done so yet.

A vile of medicine had people lined up outside of the U.S. Space and Rocket Center before their doors opened. 

Huntsville Hospital and the U.S. Space and Rocket Center partnered together for a free vaccine clinic. They brought enough supplies to vaccinate around one hundred people. 

"We're absolutely prepared today," Joyce Thomas, the manager of emergency preparedness at Huntsville Hospital, said. "We came with the anticipation of it being a really busy day."

They offered a single dose of Pfizer and everyone who returns to get the second dose will receive a free ticket to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center. Huntsville Hospital's main goal is to make the process simple and easy.

Thomas explains, "We want to make it easy for them. Convenient to their neighborhoods. So, we've been really been going out and getting some of the rural areas of Madison County." 

Health officials and registered nurses gathered in the Davidson Center for Space Exploration to give out as many shots as they could. They were happy to answer any questions and help ease concerns. 

"We brought a big crew, we brought all the supplies we needed," Thomas said. "So, we are really prepared to have an influx of patients and, we want to provide education to those that are unsure about the vaccine."

What if you lose your COVID-19 Vaccination Card? 

Once a person gets the vaccine, they receive a small white card with their information in it. Sometimes life gets in the way and those small paper cards just don't hold up. Here's what you can do to prevent losing or damaging your card. 

  • Take a photo of your vaccine card on your cell phone.
  • Make a copy of your card and carry this version around with you. 
  • Leave the original copy at home.  

If you do permanently lose your COVID-19 Vaccine Card, reach out to the Alabama Department of Public Health.