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Huntsville Botanical Garden's Youth Volunteer Program to provide hands-on experience in 'green jobs'

Applications for the Youth Volunteer Program will be accepted until March 22, 2021.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — The Huntsville Botanical Garden launched its new Youth Volunteer Program on Tuesday to help provide hands-on experience in "green jobs."

Those participating in the program will receive hands-on experience in horticulture, environmental education and plant conservation at the garden. Participants will receive mentorships from STEM professionals during the program to help them explore careers in the green sector.

“The Youth Volunteer Program will serve as a catalyst, a starting point for the environmentalists, horticulturalists and plant scientists of the future,” said Sue Wagner, CEO of the Garden. “Someday, these young participants will be the ones to take care of the green spaces in our community and beyond, and it is up to us to equip them with the knowledge, skills and passion they need to succeed.”

According to the garden, participants will complete at least 30 hours of volunteer service at the garden during the months of June and July. Some of the tasks members of the program will do include planting and watering in the greenhouse, completing horticulture maintenance, supporting plant conservation research projects, assisting summer science camp activities and more.

“Many young people are unaware of the diverse career opportunities available to them in the green sector, from horticulture and agriculture to plant genomics and sustainability. If we take action today to introduce young people to the applications of STEM and spark their passion for plants, we can help ensure a healthier community and world tomorrow,” said Wagner.

Applications for the program will be accepted until March 22, 2021. To qualify for the program, applicants must be between the ages of 13 and 18. Applications and more information regarding the program can be found on the Huntsville Botanical Garden's website.

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