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It's time to put down your phones and practice your bird watching skills

Huntsville Botanical Garden is creating a space where you can do both. The new attraction is called "Tweetsville"

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The experience is made to inspire people to explore the role that birds play in the ecosystems of North Alabama.

"People are really connected to their phones, and in some cases addicted to technology, to their screens, and what "Tweetsville" does is invite people to put down their phones and take advantage of an opportunity to reconnect with nature, especially those charismatic creatures of birds of this area," said Sue Wagner, CEO of Huntsville Botanical Garden. 

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The 18,000-square-foot area will be completed in two phases, with the first phase scheduled to open in February 2021.

From the Tweetsville Press Release:

“Tweetsville represents the Garden’s dedication to connecting people to their environment in new and surprising ways,” said Wagner. “This is an authentic experience that invites guests of all ages to foster a deeper understanding of how plants, animals, and people rely on each other to create a healthy environment. By sparking curiosity about birds and their native habitats, we can inspire guests to deepen their personal connection to the natural world and become stewards of the green spaces around them.”

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