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Huntsville Annexes Land from Limestone Co.

Huntsville annexes land from Limestone County, Here's the latest.

ATHENS, Ala. — The city of Huntsville has annexed another piece of property. However, the city of Athens has also been proactively working to secure the same property for more than a year. Our reporter Jasamine Byrd spoke with an Athens city official today and brings us the latest.

Athens City Councilman, Chris Seibersays, " We you know, we we had been in talks to annex that property as well for about a year, and landowners can do whatever they choose with their property, and we certainly respect that." 

" So, it's between 65 and 31. so it would be on the west side of 65, east side of 31 and south of Huntsville Brownsferry,  says Councilman Seibert, Councilman Seibert says, the location the city of Athens had proactively been trying to annex.

Had the land been annexed to the city of Athens, it could have provided basically the same services as Huntsville, Councilman Seibert explained. "

However, Seibert says, " The portion that Athens annexed was in the southwest corner of 65 and Huntsville Brownsferry. So, it would be directly across the interstate from Buc-ee's."

Furthermore, the city of Athens had been working to annex that property to the north of that interchange since 2006.  

"So, these are not quick things typically, he explained."

Councilman Seibert says the city of Athens still has a plan not only for residential, but for retail also. 

He says, "I just want people to be to feel confident that we are aggressively annexing just like the city of Huntsville is." 

Councilman Seibert says, for some things, the city of Athens and Huntsville will work on jointly, " and we want to continue to do that with Huntsville."


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