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How to research Alabama political candidates running for office

Here are some ways you can become a more informed voter.
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MONTGOMERY, Ala. — With the November election ever approaching, it's important that you know how to research politicians running for public office.

Here's how you can be a more informed voter.

Candidates running for office, whether it be county sheriff or president, will likely have a website dedicated to their campaign. These websites will help give you and understanding of that candidate's political beliefs and specifics on certain subjects.

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For local Alabama elections, you can find out how much a candidate raised or spent on their campaign through the Alabama Fair Campaign Practices Act Reporting System. 

Click here to look up Alabama campaign finances.

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Federally, you can look up campaign finance report through the Federal Election Commission. 

Click here to look up federal campaign finances.

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If the candidate has served in the house of representatives or as a senator, you can look up how they voted on various topics at www.congress.gov. Additionally, some committee votes are listed on the website.

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