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5 ways to help from home during COVID-19

Alabama's stay at home order means most of us are going to be spending a lot of time in our houses. That got us thinking: "How can we help from home?".


There are a few ways you can help your community without even leaving your couch. 

We spoke to Claudia Bucher, Director of Development with United Way of Madison County. Bucher says, “It’s going to affect a lot of people, this COVID-19… It just is a domino effect.”

Local non-profits are feeling the impact from all the COVID-19 changes. Bucher adds, “The community is used to receiving that type of service and now, all of a sudden, it might be cut off.” 

United Way of Madison County says they could use your help, and the easiest way to give is online. Bucher adds, “That really is the best way. You don’t have to leave your house. You don’t have to go to your mailbox and go to the post office and everything is safe.”

They have a new COVID-19 Assistance Fund to help local organizations. Click here to donate.

Bucher tells our reporter, “One hundred percent is going to that agency.”

You can help from home in other ways. Like making sure you don’t share questionable or false COVID-19 posts online, and streaming your local COVID-19 updates from city leaders to get the latest and most accurate information in your area.

Sometimes, just reaching out to another person can make all the difference. 

Governor Ivey announced Friday the state will be under a Stay at Home order until April 30th. But, essential trips to places like the grocery store, medical appointments are still permitted. You can give your elderly neighbors a call and ask if they need anything from the store. Remember to try to send only one person to shop for the family when you make your trip. 

Doing something as simple as sending in an encouraging message to the health care workers in your area can help brighten their day, as they put themselves at risk to help others. 

You can even give local nursing homes and care facilities a call to see what they need. Shopping shortages and distancing requirements makes it difficult for them to operate in the same way. 

Or celebrate  “Take-out Thursday or Tuesday” in your house to help support local restaurants. 

People across the valley say, now is the time to come together. 

Bucher says, “It just takes a village, it really does. We all just have to wrap our arm around each other. We have to take care of each other.” 

We're told that with all the changes we experience daily, the best way to give is financially, so all these organizations can meet their needs as they come. 

It helps keep you, your family and your neighbors safe -- and our our community growing. 

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