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Register your special needs with Morgan County 911

Registering your medical conditions or disabilities with Morgan County 911 allows first responders to best help you in emergencies.

MORGAN COUNTY, Alabama — Morgan County 911 is making sure people with special needs get the response they need in an emergency.

If you have a medical condition or disability you want first responders to be aware of in an emergency, you can register that information with Morgan County 911 Center. All you have to do is fill out a form on their website.

Click here for the special needs registration form.

Registering this kind of information will alert the 911 dispatcher that you or someone living in your household has special needs. This helps the dispatcher to provide appropriate emergency help.

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Morgan County 911 Director, Jeanie Pharis, said, "If you have somebody who is maybe an elderly parent and they may be a fall risk and you have a lock box code, this way responders can get there and they don't have to try to get ahold of a family member to be able to get into the location to help somebody."

When you register, the information is put into the 911 system and will stay there for a year. You can call and request that it be changed or removed.

"This information is only available to us a the 911 center," said Pharis. "We do not make this available to anybody else. Responders will have access to it through us on an as needed type of situation."

The information is stored by address. Morgan County 911 says it is your responsibility to let them know when there is a change.

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If you need to make a change, you must submit an updated form.

Click here for more information.

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