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This week's heatwave increasing call volume for local heating and cooling repair companies

Our Simon Williams checked in with a local company experiencing a high volume of phone calls -- to match the high temperatures this week....

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — This heatwave has also made it difficult for the people working on your a/c units.

Jeremy Ewert is a Residential Service Manager with 'Conditioned Air Solutions'. 

He says that his team of nine is dealing with an increased volume of calls this season.

 "This time of the year is definitely our busy season. Things pick up very quickly, very heavily."

On Wednesday, he was working on this 167-year-old house. 

It is one of more than 150 homes the company has worked on since the weekend.

"We're on our 4th. We've got about 3 more today, myself and the technician I'm with today. As a whole, we're looking at 57-58 total just in the residential department today." 

As the summer heats up, there are typical conditions that signals homes need work.

 "There's things that a house has to have. We get above 80, you start creating issues, humidity holding in a home starts causing funky things to grow, wallpaper peeling, that sort of thing."

And he wasn't the only one working on this block. 

We'll have more from Ewert in the 9 o'clock hour when he shares his tips and tricks on how to keep your units running smooth this summer.

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