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Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce Launches new 'Hartselle For Tomorrow' foundation

The foundation to take ownership of the Old Hartselle Post Office.

HARTSELLE, Ala. — The Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce (HACC) announces the establishment of a non-profit foundation, "Hartselle for Tomorrow". The board and elected official gathered for a ribbon cutting ceremony to mark the occasion plus provide insight on project details.

"This occasion today is really just the kickoff to a long process that the Chamber is looking forward to embarking on, really trying to find a long-term home for the chamber," said Daxton Maze, Director, Hartselle City Schools Board of Education. "A place that they can call their own, that they can make to be a robust place for businesspeople to come in and dwell and make sure that their businesses are rooted well in Hartselle."

The HACC Foundation plans to take ownership of the Old Hartselle Post Office, a historic community landmark, and repurpose it as the new home of both the HACC and the HACC Foundation, which will give small businesses in the area a place to turn to.

"I think small business is the heart of what we do in Hartselle," Maze explained. "So, we're a town built on small business and being able to have an avenue for people to find a place to jump start their business, to really find some resources to help with their business is really fundamental to what we do here."

The Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce Foundation d/b/a Hartselle For Tomorrow board of directors is comprised of Brad Sheats, President,Life Church Executive Pastor; Maegan Jones, Vice-President, MarMac Real Estate; Mark Villarino,Treasurer, Hartselle Utilities; Missy Evans, Secretary, Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce (non-voting); Stewart Smallwood, Director, Cerrowire; Grant McKelvey, Director, PRSI; Mary Yarbrough, Director, Hartselle Historical Society; Daxton Maze, Director, Hartselle City Schools Board of Education.

The HACC Foundation seeks to garner community investment today for a Hartselle for tomorrow and to advances the welfare of Hartselle and surrounding areas by:

Growing People by building leadership and initiating community-led solutions.

• Small Business / Entrepreneurial educational programs

• Local education institutional support / scholarships

• Social and emotional support programs

• Workforce development resources and services

• Leadership growth and talent engagement

Building Place by preserving the past and modernizing for the future.

• Supporting preservation efforts of valuable historic buildings and landmarks

• Incentivizing community beautification initiatives

• Inducement of new businesses to locate to the area and assistance to existing,

emerging businesses so that they remain in the area

• Improving community infrastructure

• Stimulating the growth of arts and culture

The Foundation is planning a two-phase fundraising initiative. Phase I includes purchasing the Old Post Office and investing in a redevelopment plan. Phase II will focus on establishing the funding for building renovations and resources needed to execute the associated programs. 

Phase I begins today with a goal of raising $200,000. Discussions on the launch of Phase II are on-going and will be a focus of the board of directors in 2023.

“This foundation is rooted in building community capacity,” says Missy Evans, President and CEO of HACC and secretary of the HACC Foundation. “We want to leave our community’s future generations in a position poised for growth and prosperity. This opportunity will strengthen Hartselle’s people and make our community a more attractive place to live, work, and play.”

Foundation Chairman, Brad Sheats says, “The renovation of the Old Hartselle Post Office for a new, modern purpose is an opportunity to put our community tag-line to work, 'Hartselle – something old, something new,’ embracing what is valuable to Hartselle – the preservation of its treasured heritage and looking with hope to the future.”

About the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce

Founded in 1972, the Hartselle Area Chamber of Commerce exists to advance the welfare of Hartselle and the surrounding areas by building community through business.

Their volunteer leadership accomplishes this by:

• Maintaining and strengthening a sound and healthy business climate.

• Providing for the total development and employment of the area’s human and

economic resources.

• Providing leadership to solve community problems and initiate community


• Serving as the voice of business in legislative matters and furthering the

understanding of our free enterprise economic system.

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