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Gun permit scam warning from Madison County Sheriff's Office

If you receive a text message offering you a "Concealed Carry Gun Permit," or advising “Renewal Permit”, do not click the link.

MADISON COUNTY, ALABAMA, Ala. — The Madison County Sheriff's Office is warning residents about a gun permit scam that could hit their text messages.

In a series of tweets, the Sheriff's Office explained the scam and how to avoid being taken, as well as information on how to report if you have been a victim.

Gun permit scam warning:

From the Madison County Sheriff's Office:

SCAM ALERT: If you receive a text message offering you a "Concealed Carry Gun Permit," or advising “Renewal Permit” DO NOT CLICK THE LINK! This is a scam. Permitium has recently been informed of a nationwide scam that has been targeting citizens with CCW permits.

Those targeted by this scam have received text messages alerting them that their permit needs to be renewed or changed and offers a link to provide the user's information. This link is malicious and has NOT been generated by Permitium or your local agency PermitDirector Software. 

NO TEXT MESSAGES FROM PERMITIUM CONTAIN LINKS. If you feel that you have been targeted or if you have already experienced malicious intent due to this text message, please report the scam to https://www.usa.gov/stop-scams-frauds.

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Giving a gun as a gift?

Gun sales are up across the United States, and many people are buying them to give as gifts this holiday season.

It is completely legal to give someone a gun as a gift, but it is important to know the rules before handing over the present.

Whether you're giving someone a new gun or a family heirloom, make sure the person receiving it can legally own a firearm.

To own a gun in Alabama, you must be at least 18 years old.                             

"Somebody who is a convicted felon cannot have a hand gun," said Morgan County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer, Mike Swafford. "Somebody who is mentally incapable or had some judgement against them, some court order or psychological evaluation that says they are unstable to have a weapon, you wouldn't want to give a gun to those individuals."

More on giving guns as gifts here.

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