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Gov. Ivey visits Decatur City Schools and meets with Boeing representatives

Governor Kay Ivey toured Austin Middle School and Career Academies of Decatur to learn about STEM programs

DECATUR, Ala. — The engineering industry is a big part of our schools here in the Valley, and Governor Kay Ivey had to see it for herself.

On Monday, the governor toured Decatur City Schools to get a first-hand look at 'Learning Blade' - an interactive online tool. Its focus is STEM.

"Hands-on anytime, with any subject matter - matters, and STEM - is very important because those are the jobs of tomorrow," said Ivey.

Virtual activities include IT, Cybersecurity and Bio-engineering. The 'Learning Blade' program launched last year.

The more than half a million dollar partnership includes the Governor's Office, Alabama Department of Commerce, and The Boeing Company.

The Boeing Company Director of Government Operations, Ken Tucker, believes the training should start from primary school and last until graduation.

"We really need that entire education pipeline K-12, 2-year and 4-year programs to become more aware of STEM because of the technology advances that are happening," said Tucker.

Just a few minutes away, Ivey also visited the Career Academies of Decatur. She agrees that stem training should start early.

"These young people are going to be the leaders of tomorrow and the employees of tomorrow. So it's important that they have a full hands-on experience with STEM," said Ivey.

Governor Ivey also visited the Cook Museum of Natural Science. 

For more information about 'Learning Blade', click here.


Governor Kay Ivey and representatives from Decatur City Schools and The Boeing Company will tour Austin Middle School and Career Academies of Decatur today at 11:00 a.m.

Governor Ivey will take a tour and learn about 'Learning Blade' — a new interactive program that engages and exposes students to science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) and Computer Science careers.

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Learning Blade is free and available to all Alabama schools through a public-private partnership with the State of Alabama and Boeing. 

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Governor Ivey will also stop by Cook Museum of Natural Science to meet with members of museum leadership.