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Give yourself the gift of a check-up

Don't neglect your body during the busy holiday season.
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The holidays are here and that means schedules are busier than usual, but that doesn't mean you should neglect yourself and put off going to your routine medical checkups.

Both of the health care workers we spoke with agree health is wealth and that you're in charge of keeping up with it. 

Amy Woods, Nurse Practitioner at CNAHSI, says, "They're the boss of their own bodies but I can make recommendations, iI can educate, counsel, but you know they're always going to be the boss of their own bodies and we just want to care for them." 

Woods says you're the boss of your own body, but in order to be the best boss you can be, you have to stay up to date on your routine checkups. 

Not only do these checkups benefit your overall health -- they could help save your life. Woods explains, "The earlier you can catch chronic diseases, chronic illnesses, the better it is for your health. If you can find breast cancer in its earliest forms, that increases your chances of survival, and high blood pressure is a silent killer. You know, the American Heart Association says that, you know, most people don't even know they have high blood pressure."

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Preventative measures are preferred over treatment by patients but also by the health care system, and checkups and screenings cost a lot less than treatments in the long run. 

Natalie Burleson, Clinical Supervisor at Happi Health, says, "So, the time we're able to spend with the patient is limited already and so if we're able to kind of prevent these things from happening, we can do, you know a lot less than the visit is required, if they make those preventive visits."

So, you may be putting off your appointments for a multitude of reasons, you're scared to find out if something's wrong with you, you're too busy or financially struggling, but health care workers really encourage you to make that first move and book an appointment. 

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