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How does a fireworks show happen?

A behind the scenes look and more information about MidCity's firework event put on by Pyro Shows of Alabama.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The fourth of July is only a few days away and the Fourth of July is a time for friends, food and most importantly... fireworks! Fireworks can be dangerous though, and with free fireworks shows going on across North Alabama this weekend, you don't have to put yourself at risk!

Because Pyro Shows of Alabama is throwing a fireworks extravaganza in the MidCity District on Saturday, July 2, 2022, at 9:30 PM. "It is a choreographed firework show that means that the air bursts are timed with a music track," said Pyro Shows of Alabama's Show Director, Lynn Broad.

Not only will this show be spectacular according to Broad, it'll also be accessible to the masses. "They're playing that music track over a local FM station, so the customer can actually hear the great stuff as it goes off," said Broad.

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Too- according to Broad, who's been in the pyro show business for over 40 years, this show is: "kind of a spectacular event both for MidCity and Huntsville. We've done three other shows at MidCity. This is the fourth, but this is by far the largest event plan that they've done, being a multi-day event. And we're just excited to augment that with the largest fireworks show ever in Huntsville, Alabama. And I've been shooting here for 42 years. So that's saying something."

As for safety, one of the biggest safety DO's is to reduce the risk of firework danger completely by attending a firework event like these.

"I know when I shoot a show. I don't get to enjoy the show quite as much. I get the rush of the boom, the adrenaline that comes along with that, but I don't actually get to enjoy the show. So you can participate this way with your family together, especially young children," said Broad.

He assures us that this show is jam-packed and NOT to be missed!

"There'll be so much going on that for the 20 minutes that you see this. You'll keep thinking, well it's about... The finale is going to be now... Nope! There's more. And it keeps going and it keeps going and it keeps going," said Broad.

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