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Foster Care needs during pandemic: SAFY of Alabama still in need of foster parents

The pandemic has brought some unexpected challenges to foster care groups as they try to match local kids with foster parents.


The pandemic has brought some unexpected challenges to foster care groups as they try to match kids with foster parents. 


SAFY of Alabama says there’s still a need to fill. SAFY is still accepting applications for foster parents during the pandemic, and are taking extra precautions to keep kids, staff and potential foster parents safe.

We're told they’ve taken almost all of their applications, interviews and prep courses for potential foster parents online to continue to help kids in our area find safe and loving homes. 

There was already a need to match over 6,500 foster kids before the pandemic started. Now, SAFY is still working to lower those numbers one child at a time.

We spoke with Whitney Davis, the SAFY North Alabama Foster Parent Recruiter. She tells us, “We have licensed more families, and we’re looking to hopefully licence more. Hopefully people will see this video and they’ll share it. Even if you don’t become a foster parent, at least you’ll get this information and possibly you can share it with someone else. It’s like planting a seed.” 

Davis shares she has even been making “Survival Kits” during the pandemic for our local foster families. She includes spa essentials like bath bombs and candles for parents. You can help by dropping off some of these items and essentials like toilet paper, disinfectant and more. 

Donations can be dropped off at their Huntsville office location: 

SAFY of Alabama

4900 University Square Suite 30

Huntsville, AL 35816

Davis says, you can also help with monetary donations or by just spreading their message on social media and by word of mouth to help bring the next child into a loving home. 

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