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Food need increases among UAH students during pandemic

Any UAH student can sign up to take home a food box from the university's food pantry.

HUNTSVILLE, Alabama — Students at the University of Alabama in Huntsville are making sure those in need have food available to them.

UAH's food pantry was launched in 2014 when students first saw there was a need. Now, students continue to collect food donations for their on-campus food pantry.

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President of the UAH Student Government Association Grant Whitt says food need has grown among students during the pandemic.

"We've actually increased our uses throughout COVID," said Whitt. "But it's something that we've been able to keep stable."

UAH's Student Government Association runs the food pantry program. Any student can sign up to take home a food box from the university's food pantry.

"During our Homecoming week, we actually do a big canned food drive where all of our student organizations on campus compete to see who can bring in the most cans," said Whitt.

Although the food pantry is operated by students, the Student Life office handles the application process for student privacy. Employees in the Student Life office will also check in on students in the program.

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"To see how they're doing and really make sure they're doing okay," said Whitt. "The student will be able to pick up this unmarked box. It's a completely anonymous process and be able to carry it out."

Whitt says they take food donations year round.

To make a donation or apply to get a food box, contact the Student Life office at 256-824-6375 or send an email to studentlife@uah.edu.

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